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EP for Work isn't just another LMS or content agency. It offers organisations the flexibility of a robust and capable learning platform, plus the expertise and guidance needed for tomorrow's new way of working.

Content Creation

Transform your training content into engaging, interactive learning modules and knowledge checks.


Training Delivery

Access anywhere, any time, and on any device. Enable Individual learning journeys with EP for Work.


Analytics and Reporting

Gain detailed insights into the learner experience, and track your organisation’s engagement with your training.


Telstra Case Study

Our objective was to improve Telstra’s speed and quality in training. We converted Telstra’s PPT presentations into EP Smart Modules and created assessments to accompany each module. During the trial with EP and the Telstra Agents, we saw the time to complete the module reduce by 30%. Reduced content delivery time provided more revision time for agents, more 1-1 time from trainer (in particular with struggling agents), and more role play/call script practise for agents in training.

"It was an amazing experience having the EP application. It is very detailed and easy to understand. I enjoyed answering all the quizzes because of its unique style in answering the questions. Also I can still back read and review the lessons that I am having a hard time to understand, and it is easy to access” (Telstra Agent)

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